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by: Original article by D CEO - May 2021


We are pleased to share with you our feature in D CEO: Faces of Dallas Business: Wealth Management / Financial Planning.

In the competitive space of RIAs and wealth management, RGT believes the most under-asked question by prospective clients is, “Can you tell me about your succession plan and your next-gen talent?”

RGT Wealth Advisors was founded over 35 ye…

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by: RGT Wealth Advisors


The RGT 2021 summer reading list is here! Click here to view our team’s top picks for this year.


We hope you enjoy these selections as much as we have.


Happy reading!


You can check out our other reading lists here: 2017 RGT Summer Reading List and 2020 RGT Summer Reading List…

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by: Steven W. Novak, JD, Managing Director

There’s a real problem with this estate tax thing. It isn’t so much that the tax exists, or the exemption amount, or the tax rate (although you may justifiably have an issue with any of those). Rather, the problem it presents is that clients are compelled to make major planning decisions today relying on current estate tax law, while they (hopefully) won’t be passing away for a long time int…

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by: RGT Investment Team

Comparing past economic environments and investment markets to today is never easy and can be fraught with risk.  Rarely does history repeat itself exactly but it does often rhyme.  Examining today’s economy and investment markets versus the ones leading up to and through the technology bubble has received its fair share of press.  During the last few months of 2020 and rolling forward into 2…

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