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by: Frank Fairbanks, CFP®

Long gone are the days when identity theft was confined to a poorly crafted email from a Nigerian prince offering you riches. Today, your sensitive information is at risk every time you swipe your credit card, access public Wi-Fi, file a tax return, or entrust your data to a third party. There is no perfect defense against identity theft, but like getting a flu shot or buckling your seat belt, you…

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by: Greg Bone

The second quarter of 2015 will most likely be remembered for several news stories that seemed to have significant implications for investors.  While the headlines were dominated by the Greek crisis in Europe, financial markets were also concerned with the ongoing municipal bond default saga in Puerto Rico and the dramatic sell off in the Chinese stock market.
The Greek crisis continues to e…

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by: Ashley Blanchette

Our purpose at RGT is to serve as our clients’ trusted advisor. We pride ourselves on building steadfast relationships with our clients. To accomplish this, we must employ team members that are good listeners and skilled collaborators.


We want each individual to feel appreciated, heard, and involved as an important member of our team. We hire talented people and we strive to give th…

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