Our main investment objective is to remain investment-objective.

The only investors we answer to are our clients.

As a privately held advisory firm, RGT is unbiased. And that means we’re free to utilize only the very best options for your portfolio. In short, our independence helps us make our clients become more financially independent.

We’re not just advisors. We’re your partners.

At RGT, we take a teamwork approach to wealth management. And you’re always a key part of that team. We collaborate across the firm and with you, working together to help achieve your goals. Our success is measured by yours.

Bringing it all together is what sets us apart.

Our clients know they can count on RGT to handle their financial situation, safeguard their personal information, and streamline the entire process. We have the expertise to manage their portfolio and non-portfolio assets while ensuring they’re on track to realize their life’s dreams. It’s an encompassing relationship that builds trust and inspires confidence.

Confidentiality & Security

As a client of RGT, you share both personal and financial information with us. Your privacy is paramount and we are dedicated to safeguarding this information. For your protection, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. Our Privacy Policy restricts the use of client information and requires that it be held in strictest confidence.